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    The Best Underwear for Active Guys Under $50

    You invest in technologically advanced running shoes, wearables, and fitness gear. So why do you settle with subpar underwear? It might seem like it’s all the same, but there’s a huge difference between a garment designed with performance in mind and one that comes in a 12 pack. (If you’ve made the switch to performance […]

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    Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is a Delightful Orwellian Nightmare

    When I first saw the reveal trailer for Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, I made the assumption that it was some sort of management simulator, similar to Prison Architect or a comedic version of Observation. Thankfully, I was incredibly wrong. Unaware that developer Black Shamrock had secured the rights to the tabletop RPG of the same […]

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    When Your Health is Your Wealth: Careers That Keep You Healthy & Fit

    When it comes to the business of being healthy and physically fit, a lot of people’s minds automatically go to gyms and personal training and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to overall health, there are tons of avenues you can go down to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your personal […]

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    What’s All the Fuss About Personal Training Anyway?

    Do you remember being back in school?  Running around pretty much all day, getting home, and then going off to play with your friends?  So much energy, seemingly always on the go! Not anymore. Nowadays it’s a case of getting out of breath when climbing too many stairs, and getting home to collapse on the […]

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    Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team

    Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team Sandrina Pereira 2019-06-12T13:30:59+02:00 2019-06-13T07:06:04+00:00 A ‘code review’ is a moment in the development process in which you (as a developer) and your colleagues work together and look for bugs within a recent piece of code before it […]

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    Politically Correct Man Guiltily Has a Racial Thought

    Several days ago, as Todd Imperial was stepping out of a crowded elevator, his eyes inadvertently drifted to the notably generous derriere of the woman in front of him, and, before he could appropriately censor himself, his mind had guiltily jumped t… Source link